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Imagine’s Flash interactive presentations offer a slick and easy to use console for your clients. By tailoring your interface you ensure a more professional level of service and personalization to any and all projects you undertake.

Optional presentation settings mean you have control over the actions that your client can perform on presentations. Commenting, approving, downloading and sharing can be enabled and disabled at any time.

Your centralized online dashboard allows you to see the status of a project at a glance.

Imagine takes collaboration to a whole new level by streamlining and consolidating communication for clients to respond and review.
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Rich media takes on a whole new meaning with Imagine.

Full production credits and searchable keywords make finding specific videos a breeze. Along with the ability to cross-reference your online assets and tag them against that video.

Time lined video annotation allows you to highlight specific points in the video when presenting videos to your client. Our intelligent thumbnail creator allows you to choose the best screen grab to represent your video.
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Scalable online storage ensures that your online assets can grow and be maintained according to your needs.

See at a glance in which section of Imagine most of your assets are, the date they were last used, and in which client presentation. Keep online assets current by updating images and searchable fields.
No more need to capture and manage your supplier’s databases.

Imagine offers live access to supplier databases for locations, cast and crew. Our vast search criteria’s make it easy to find available resources, which can be added to presentations.

Our bespoke supplier solutions mean that available supplier libraries are always current and up- to- date in Imagine.
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